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What is it like to be employed at …?

Here, you have overview of the Danish workplaces that post vacancies at Jobindex. They are represented via our Company Profiles.

At a Company Profile, you find a presentation of the company, vacancies, accounting figures, etc. You can also see ratings where stars and comments show you the level of job satisfaction and what it is like to be employed here. With this knowledge, you are even better equipped to find a new job – and hopefully find a job that gives you great job satisfaction!

Follow companies you’d like to become a part of

You can find companies and tell them that you would like to work for them by following them. When you follow a company …:

  • The company gains access to see your CV in personal form (even if your CV is otherwise anonymous).
    The company can see your contact information and former employment(s) which are hidden if your CV is anonymous. This way, companies can better assess whether you are a suitable candidate.
  • You are on a hot-liste for select positions.
    When companies have a vacancy at Jobindex, they gain access to a list of candidates that suit the position and have shown interest in their company.

Find inspiration for your job search

As an inspiration for your job search, you can use the various search opportunities below. If you find Company Profiles via channels, you will be introduced to companies within that industry. And if you search via area, you will see all the companies in your chosen area.

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