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Do you hold cutting-edge technology, sustainability and adventure close at heart? Take on exciting challenges and join the forefront of the technological pursuit for a sustainable future.

If you want to join a group of skilled and passionate colleagues where you get to work on projects from development to implementation, then you will find no place like Mita-Teknik. Here, we work with some of the most advanced technology.

Know-how and innovation

Know-how and innovation are the driving forces that has placed Mita-Teknik amongst the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent wind power technology. Since 1969, we have been developing and manufacturing control automation for wind turbines. Today, we have supplied more than 50,000 high performance control systems for set-ups in demanding environments around the world.

We are an international organization

You will find all our corporate functions at our headquarters in Rødkærsbro. Our R&D is located here and in Lviv, Ukraine. Combined, this is where you find some of the best and most passionate engineers in the business. Together with our production department residing at our modern facilities in Ningbo, China, we have some of the brightest minds in the world. And we are eager to hear from you.

“I really like how we get to apply both the theoretical and the practical aspects of developing. Here, I get to work on projects from start to finish. At the same time, Mita-Teknik is very open to our preferences. You might like to travel, meeting clients and seeing our tech applied out in the world, or you might want to stay close to our R&D facilities in Denmark. All these possibilities are very unique to our business,“

says Ole Binderup, Team Lead Control System


When you start at Mita-Teknik, you will have a great pool of experience to learn from. We have four decades of highly specialised know-how, and your peers are always ready to answer your questions. We believe that a practical approach is the best way to learn. After a short onboarding where you learn about our systems and products, you will quickly be attached to projects.

Working for a sustainable future

If you are passionate about technology and sustainability, we are definitely the place for you. We firmly believe that wind power is a key component of a sustainable future free of fossil fuels. Our technology enables wind turbines to utilise their full potential to deliver their greatest yield of clean energy. This means that you will work with some of the best in the world on our never-ending quest to develop smarter solutions.

Go on adventures

Working at Mita-Teknik isn’t your average desk job – if you don’t want it to be. As our technology is used all around the world, you get the opportunity to go out to inspect the turbines we supply the technology for. This way, you will not only tap into our vast international network, you will also get unique experiences. One day you might find yourself on top of a wind turbine in the sun of the Gobi Dessert – or in business meeting in the financial district in Shanghai.

Read more on our website here!

Regnskab for Mita-Teknik a/s

Regnskab for Mita-Teknik a/s

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