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The NOVASOL story
Every year we send more than 1.5 million people on vacation in holiday homes owned by thousands of people who rely on us to rent out their houses on their behalf. This is possible only because we take just as good care of our house owners as our guests.
Our house owners all have a lot of heart and memories attached to their homes and they trust us. And we live up to the trust with our 50 years of experience in the back. And we intend to continue!

Our vision is global, but we build our success on being local - present with local specialists all over Europe. Because only through real local knowledge, we can truly be close to our guests and solve any issues that might occur. Today, NOVASOL is the one of the largest companies for holiday rentals in Europe. We have more than 47,000 holiday homes located in 29 countries and we are always looking for new locations.
New markets, new products and new ideas are the keys to continue our growth and success. We believe that everything is possible for those who have the will to succeed and this is the way it has always been at NOVASOL. We move quickly from idea to action and we do not impose a lot of rules, guidelines and process on our employees. If you have the will and energy, we support you in becoming a success, regardless of whether you want to develop into super specialist or change career path along the way. Our culture is informal and we believe that colleagues can also be your good friends.
This is, among others, why we all prioritize to meet once every year someplace in Europe – from directors to cleaning staff. Here we work on new ideas and business opportunities and renew friendships and build new relationships from south to north and east to west.

Annual report for NOVASOL A/S

Annual report for NOVASOL A/S

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500 - 999

Annual report 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Turnover 1,828,061,000 516,340,000 603,837,000 2,613,725,000 2,771,054,000
Gross profit 245,446,000 257,726,000 304,292,000 257,353,000 368,116,000
Annual profits 63,969,000 87,778,000 108,500,000 60,474,000 73,521,000
Net assets 235,406,000 321,856,000 430,535,000 509,921,000 583,411,000
Balance 998,837,000 1,055,460,000 1,243,648,000 1,845,718,000 1,851,646,000

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Virumgårdsvej 27
2830 Virum
Tel.: 39 277 000


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