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Coloplast is a Danish medical device company. Our business areas include Ostomy Care, Urology & Continence Care, and Wound & Skin Care. We operate globally, employing more than 10.000 people in 42 countries worldwide.

Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs

That’s exactly what Coloplast is all about. The people who use our products struggle with intimate conditions that are often considered taboo. By working closely with them and their carers, we create solutions to make their lives easier.

We push the limits of technology and design to relieve the condition itself and the embarrassment it causes. Our latest female catheters are no longer than a lipstick, making them inconspicuous in any situation. Our packaging doesn’t crackle or attract attention when you open it. Some of our urine bags even resemble sports accessories so they don’t look out of place in a sports environment. We go out of our way to make our products as smart and discreet as possible, making sure they blend in anywhere, so end users can enjoy life with confidence.

Leading the market within intimate healthcare

And we’ve done so for more than 50 years. But intimate healthcare issues still exist – and we want to be the company that resolves them.

Engaging with all our customer groups, we find new ways of doing things differently. We visit users in their homes and follow healthcare professionals at work – to truly understand their daily challenges and find the right solution for their needs. To stimulate innovative processes, we develop new platforms for generating ideas – so we can stay ahead of the game and continue to set the standard for intimate healthcare in the future.

Our people define us

And they’re at the heart of our success. Our employees come from all over the world – and bring passion and new ideas to our company. At Coloplast, everyone gets the chance to develop their talent, define their professional goals, and be actively involved in an ambitious agenda. Whatever function they have, everyone works towards the common goal of making a real difference to people with intimate healthcare needs.

We’re always looking for new talent

We have great plans for the future. To make them happen, we depend on talented employees who want to develop, and capable leaders who can show the way. If you want to be one of them, go to to create your own job agent and learn more about what we have to offer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Regnskab for Coloplast A/S

Regnskab for Coloplast A/S

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