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When you submit your CV through us it enables companies, recruitment agencies and Jobindex' own recruitment consultants to find and send you specific job offers that match your skills set. You are always anonymous, unless you actively choose otherwise.

Advantages for you
  • Be one of at least 2.000 people who are hired each year through the CV database
  • Get job offers from more than 180 companies that use the database each month
  • Receive job offers from among an average 94.300 monthly enquiries in the system
  • It's easy, quick and 100% free
  • Headhunters use the Jobindex CV database on a daily basis to find candidates such as yourself

You can transfer your CV from LinkedIn or Jobnet to Jobindex and use it as the starting point when you submit your CV on Jobindex, so that you do not need to enter all your information from scratch. Our CV database is used by over 180 different companies each month, and we also have our own recruitment department with 25 recruitment consultants who search in our CV database on behalf of our customers when they have a position that is hard to fill. In total around 94.300 people are contacted each month. So submit your CV on Jobindex and watch it pay off!

Disclaimer: The Jobindex CV database cannot be held responsible for any loss you may incur due to someone recognizing you through your CV.

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